4711 Original Eau De Cologne 50 ml

4711 Original Eau De Cologne 50 ml
Kategoriat: Tuoksut, Hajuvedet
Brand: 4711
Size: 50
16.5 EUR

4711 is one of the oldest fragrance brands, and it has a name that is known all over the world as “the mother of all eau de colognes”.4711 The original fragrance has kept its promise for more than 200 years and when the unique composition is used, it has a positive effect on both your senses, body and soul. The secret recipe for the Original fragrance is still appreciated all over the world and makes this “miracle water” a classic without comparison.Essential oils, which are well known for their aromatherapyproperties, is part of the exclusive composition: toexamples give lemon and orange an unmistakable andThe refreshing power of lavender and rosemary adds a soothingand relaxing effect pomegranate flower oil soothes andcreates a positive mood.50ml 4711 Original Eau De Cologne 50 ml