Artdeco Color Booster Lip Balm 1850 Boosting Pink

Artdeco Color Booster Lip Balm 1850 Boosting Pink
Brand: Artdeco
Color: Rosa
Size: 3
16.9 EUR

Lip care doesn’t always have to be boring! Be it summer or winter, our lips are one of our greatest features and deserve excellent care. Our Color Booster Lip Balm doesn’t just richly nourish the lips with apricot kernel oil, peach extract, and precious plant oils, it also has a boosting effect with color-adapting pigments that adjust to the pH of your lips. The color-adapting pigments attach to the natural protective film of your lips and enhance your natural lip color. The color varies from subtle rose to soft pink depending on the pH of your lips, leaving the lips looking beautifully fresh and lustrous. Definitely more than just a lip balm! The most important ingredients and their effects: - Apricot kernel oil and peach extract add moisture to the lips - Spearmint flavor invigorates and adds a delightful freshness to the lips - A valuable plant oil obtained from the seeds of the tropical “Miracle Tree” forms a protective film against harmful water-soluble substances, protecting the lips against moisture lossHow to:Apply the Color Booster Lip Balm directly onto the lips. After several applications, the surface of the Color Booster Lip Balm may look slightly more intense due to the color-adapting pigments. To rectify this, simply wipe off the surface.3 g Artdeco Color Booster Lip Balm 1850 Boosting Pink