Calvin Klein Ck Everyone Edt 100 ml

Calvin Klein Ck Everyone Edt 100 ml
Kategoriat: Tuoksut, Hajuvedet
Brand: Calvin Klein
Size: 100
61.9 EUR

A clean, green, citrus fragran ce, CK EVERYONE is a genderles s scent for today that celebra tes the infinite freedom of se lf-expression. The multifacet ed scent is fresh and provocat ive. Building on the iconic le gacy of CK ONE, this new scent is vegan, made from naturally -derived alcohol and infused w ith ingredients derived from n atural origins, making this Ca lvin Klein’s first ‘clean’* fr agrance. Organic orange oil la yers over a heart of blue tea accord and a musky base of ced arwood, creating a complex, up lifting scent. The glass bott le, which is recyclable once t he pump is removed, features a n elastic logo band, in homage to classic Calvin Klein Under wear, that can be worn and reu sed. Love every one of you in CK EVERYONE. *More informati on on our clean standards and naturally-derived index below. CK EVERYONE is vegan. Does n ot contain any ingredients tha t are animal derived or identi fied as an animal-by product. CK EVERYONE contains naturall y-sourced ingredients. 79% of the ingredients in this fragra nce are naturally-derived. 100 ml Calvin Klein Ck Everyone Edt 100 ml