EMITÉ MAKE UP Micronized Eye Shadow Root

EMITÉ MAKE UP Micronized Eye Shadow Root
Color: Brun
Size: 2
21.9 EUR

Micronized Eye Shadow gives the eyelids a velvet-smooth touch with a pretty sheen or a beautiful matte finish. The eyeshadow is easy to work with and is highly pigmented which makes it easier to apply. Micronized Eye Shadow ingredients have been meticulously chosen to be suited for sensitive eyes, users who wear contact lenses or are allergic to nickel.Micronized Eye Shadow is available in both matt shades and with shimmer. The product can be used both as dry and wet. The shade ROOT has a light brown red shade tone which is completely matt.Benefits Micronized Eye Shadow is completely free from oil, nickel, metal, parabens and perfume. - Rich in pigment - Free from nickel - Cruelty Free - 100% Vegan Use: Start by creating a good and smooth base for your eye makeup. BB Highlighting Pen is a good alternative as it both brightens up and smoothens out the skin. Finish this by setting with a powder. After this, apply Micronized Eyeshadow in a base shade for example, SPIR, WHEA or alternatively PEAC. After this, apply with your chosen shade of Micronized Eyeshadow. You can choose to only apply one single shade over the entire eye lid and then blend upwards towards the eyeball or alternatively apply additional shades to create depth.1,5g EMITÉ MAKE UP Micronized Eye Shadow Root