Gillian Jones Spa Bag 2 room

Gillian Jones Spa Bag 2 room
Brand: Gillian Jones
Color: Multi
Size: 0
57.9 EUR

Gillian Jones Traincase is the largest cosmetic bag in the collection, furnished with 2 equal spaces closed by each zipper. One compartment has space for your beauty products as well as 2 elastic pockets, the other compartment has a spacious zippered pocket in addition to the elastic pockets. Both elastic pockets are reinforced with a panel that makes the pockets extra durable. The short handle is mounted in the middle of the bag, which makes the overview undisturbed. Zipper pendants are long and with a good grip. The liner is made of plastic bottles that, through a process, resurface as a delicious nylon, we recycle about 5 plastic bottles per bag. Gillian Jones Spa Bag 2 room