human + kind Miracle Make-up Remover

human + kind Miracle Make-up Remover
Brand: human + kind
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7.9 EUR

Super soft cleansing and exfoliating. Discover a Miracle Make-up remover that’s super soft, easy to use and will change the way you remove make-up!Eliminate the need for cotton padsReusable cloth which leaves your skin make-up free and silky soft on one simple step!Eliminates all smear-proof and waterproof make-upRemoves stubborn mascara.Will last up to 1,000 washes!WashMachine wash hot & dry with your towel load. Fabric softener & dryer sheet safe. *Machine wash before first use to activate fibers.WetSoak in warm water. The warmer, the wetter, the better! PRO TIP: Use in sections, wash approx. 1-2 times per week.Erase & ExfoliateUse the short fiber side to erase makeup in gentle circular motions. Then flip to long fiber side (side with tag) to exfoliate the skin. human + kind Miracle Make-up Remover