Inglot LAB Micellar Water 115 ml

Inglot LAB Micellar Water 115 ml
Brand: Inglot
Size: 115
10.9 EUR

As a skincare connoisseur or just the novice exploring the way to beautiful skin you already know how important are cleansing, toning and makeup removing. Inglot Lab Micellar Water makes it easy turning these three activities into one single step. Owing to micellar molecules, which work like magnets to dirt – all impurities, trapped dirt and excess oil are removed without dry, dull skin afterward or leftover stickiness. Trust in the benefits of those miraculous particles as French did more often giving up using running water in favor of micellar water. The presence of babassu oil, betaine and saffron extract enrich the product with moisturizing properties.Care for your precious skin while removing even waterproof makeup, forgetting about scrubbing or using running water. The formula itself is gentle enough for all skin types. While using Micellar Water your natural pH level is being restored, skin elasticity visually improves and you enjoy the feeling of soft and smooth skin.Remember that your skin requires all day round care, therefore use Micellar Water in the morning after you wake up for moisturizing and toning benefits. In the evenings remove all makeup to let your skin rest and get ready for another challenging day. You do not need to interrupt your routine while on the go as the product is available in small size too. Take a bottle of Micellar Water to the gym to prepare your skin for exhaustive exercises and let your skin ‘breathe free’ from unnecessary in these circumstances makeup. While traveling use it as a refresh or cleansing aid without risk of variable water hardness. If you are a fan of false lashes no need to worry about their condition as the product is gentle for them too. Treat the use of Micellar Water as a pleasant ritual not a chore.Soak a cotton pad in a product and gently massage it into your skin in circular motion, relax and enjoy moisturized healthy looking skin.150 ml Inglot LAB Micellar Water 115 ml