Issey Miyake Fusion D'Issey EdT 50 ml

Issey Miyake Fusion D'Issey EdT 50 ml
Kategoriat: Tuoksut, Hajuvedet
Brand: Issey Miyake
Size: 50
74.5 EUR

“A creation fused in the heart of nature. This new masculine fragrance entices us to explo re the power and diversity of unspoiled nature. The explosiv e freshness of a lively lemon meets the intensity of volcani c woods. A vibrant aromatic br eeze encounters the verticalit y of a solar amber accord. Ev er-present, nature now reveals her diverse and creative side . Fusion d’Issey, a mineral fo ugère fragrance for men, was c reated by master perfumer Nath alie Lorson. It writes a new c hapter in a classic of masculi nity. A playful juxtaposition between hot and cold. Its fres hness comes from the explosive and lively zest of lemon acco mpanied by the milky sweetness of coconut milk. Combining po tency and poise, a vibrant aro matic breeze encounters the ve rticality of a solar amber acc ord. Underneath, hints of volc anic forests come together wit h a deep note of patchouli. Th is volcanic fragrance is held in a bottle replete with contr asts – tall and elegant in gle aming deep blue glass. Its mul tifaceted cap is precisely scu lpted to look like black obsid ian. Light shines from within, trapped and yet vibrant. The outerpack reflects the same bl ue and black colour code. In addition, the name, Fusion d’Is sey is written in striking ora nge letters. A beautiful creat ion inspired by nature and red esigned by the human hand.50 ml Issey Miyake Fusion D’Issey EdT 50 ml