James Read Tan Edit 50 ml

James Read Tan Edit 50 ml
Brand: James Read
Size: 50
32.5 EUR

Did your self tan not turn out quite as you had hoped? Tan Edit are innovative and multi-corrective remover drops that can correct, lighten up and remove self tan – in just a few minutes! The effective, yet gentle formula can be mixed with your face cream, your serum, your peeling, or your body lotion.- Remover drops that correct, lighten and remove self tan- Efficient and gentle formula- Can be mixed with face cream, serum, peeling, or body lotionA unique combination of glycolic acid, AHA acid, and pineapple, papaya, and lemon extracts removes and corrects self tan mistakes gently and effectively.Warning:This product contains AHA acid that may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, thereby increasing the risk of sun damage. Wear sunscreen, wear protective clothing and avoid the sun when it is at its strongest.Use:Make self tan lighter:1. Mix 4–6 drops in your face cream, serum, or body lotion.2. Apply an even layer on the areas where you want a lighter self tan, massage in circular motions.3. Wash your hands thoroughly.4. Leave overnight for best results, and rinse off in the morning. For sensitive skin: Leave on for 60 minutes and then rinse off.Remove self tan:1. Mix 6–8 drops in your peel or body scrub.2. Apply on dry skin and massage gently on the areas where you want to remove your self tan.3. Wash your hands thoroughly.4. Leave on for 4–6 minutes, then rinse off.50 ml James Read Tan Edit 50 ml