Loelle Face Cleansing Mitt

Loelle Face Cleansing Mitt
Brand: Loelle
Size: 0
7.5 EUR

Shaped and textured to make it suitable for your daily , sustainable face cleansing routine. Suitable for removing make up and also to be used on the delicate eye contour.Composition: 90% organic cotton, 10% elastan. Machine washing 40°C.Use:Soak the mitt in warm water.Squeeze the excess water and start moving the mitt on the face in circular motions.You can apply the cleansing product to your face before rubbing it with the mitt.Press it lightly on closed eyelids to remove eye makeup. Hold a few seconds before wiping it off.Wash the mitt after every use by hand with a small amount of detergent.You can wash the mitt in the washing machine at 40˚C. Loelle Face Cleansing Mitt