Verso Skincare Body Lotion 300 ml

Verso Skincare Body Lotion 300 ml
Brand: Verso Skincare
Size: 300
56.5 EUR

This light golden colored day cream, has a lustrous pearly and golden effect on the skinand will smoothen the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce pigmentationand supply the skin with more energy and oxygen.It increases the ceramide production and improves microcirculation. While the skinis protectedfrom damaging free radicals the product will help to maintain and attract waterand promote nutrient absorption.The result is a more radiant, smooth and soft skin with decreased wrinklesand an overall fuller appearance.For daily use. Apply 2 pumps on body with circling upward movements directly aftershower on moist skin for the optimal penetration of moisture and actives.“300ml Verso Skincare Body Lotion 300 ml